12 de setembre del 2014

300th anniversary of the National Day of Catalonia (1714-2014) The Project.

The project: formation of "V"  (victory)  on the plan of Barcelona city

Virtual image of big "V" to be formed on Setember 11th 2014  at  17:14 hour, 
filling two main streets of Barcelona:  Diagonal Av.  and  Gran Via.

 Big "V" is divided by zones. Each one will be filled by people of an assigned catalan county.

Design of catalan flag is helped by volunteers in each area. 570,000 persons had been previously inscribed, and then had an assigned  row, yellow or red.   -   In fact, much more people assisted, about 1,800,000 persons.

The Senyera, "flag" in Catalan.
The Senyera is one of the oldest flags in Europe to be used in present day