18 de desembre del 2009

S.O.S distress call from La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s temple, to all countries all over the World.



To defend the temple, civil society from the Catalan Cultural Heritage hung this morning a huge 25 meter long banner from one of the bell towers of the Nativity Façade of the Sagrada familia.

BARCELONA (December 18th, 2009).-
The “Junta Permanent en Defensa del Patrimoni de Catalunya” (Permanent Association for the defense of Catalan Heritage) has claimed this morning to have hung this morning a giant banner with the word S.O.S. from one of the temple’s towers. This monument from well known architect Gaudí, is not only the most emblematic of the city of Barcelona, it is also classified as World Heritage Site, according to UNESCO.

This urgent distress call from Catalan civil society to the international community responds to the threat of the high velocity train itinerary through the center of Barcelona, which puts at extreme high risk some unique world wide monuments such as the Sagrada Familia, the Pedrera (also by Gaudí), in addition to the homes and business of more than 53.000 Barcelona people.

According to the same Association « they only have built 15% of the tunnel so far (that is 807 meters of the total 5.640m). Therefore we still are on time to stop this
construction.” They also emphasize that the risk of having this tunnel so close to the Temple is very high, especially in light of some recent and serious executions errors made by ADIF, (the construction company in charge) who built the protective screen wall at 0,83m from the foundation of the temple, when it was agreed by the Government Ministry that the distance would not go less that 1,12m from it.

With this action they also want to denounce that the chosen itinerary is merely a political decision. From a technical point of view, and in particular from a geological
one, this public construction is highly dangerous because it is planned to go under the ground water level and therefore has been strongly advised against.

More over, this itinerary has been imposed upon, breaking all the basic elementary
rules of democracy. The votings that were done both at the Barcelona town Hall and at the Catalan Parliament have been opposed, with clear majority, to the high speed trai
n going through the center of Barcelona. They opted instead for 3 other possible itineraries (which have been carefully studied and planned), which are quicker to build, much safer and also much cheaper than the one that has been imposed.

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For further information, please do contact:
Pere Vallejo – (+34) 679 61 61 61

Rubèn Novoa – (+ 34) 649 70 38 73

The “Junta Permanent en Defensa del Patrimoni de Catalunya” is composed by a group of people who belong to different associations and platforms. It is directed by Mr. Josep Espar i Ticó.