2 de juliol del 2010

The High Court refused, for the fifth time, the suspension of the works next to the Sagrada Familia.

It details that, as of June 11, they already have made a total of 93 piles, which represent 89% of the total, that "any planned auscultation is operational and running smoothly" and that "to date they have not detected any anomaly".

The High Court refused, for the fifth time, the suspension of the works next to the Sagrada Familia.
The National Court has refused for a fifth time, the interim suspension of the AVE tunnel works that runs under the streets of Barcelona running a few metres from the foundation of the temple of the Sagrada Familia.

In an order issued by the Division of Administrative Litigation of the National Court, rejecting the request made by the Construction Board of the Temple of the Holy Family because "the new circumstances cited that nothing detracts from the reasons that supported the resolutions on precautionary measures. The Construction Board had submitted a new application for suspension of the work to see that there was a substantial change of circumstances, as the drilling of the tunnel started, some constructive objections contained in an interim report of UNESCO or the dangerousness of the work, among others.

However, the court again denied the stay of works based on favourable reports from ADIF on the status of the implementation of infrastructure, the pace of construction of the piles and the underground protective screen and the results of the systems control on the effects of the works in the temple.

It adds that the UNESCO report itself admits that "until now the tunnel and further measures have been designed in accordance with national and European legislation, and has taken into account all the important issues mentioned above." "In light of the evidence available so far justifies the refusal of the suspension collected again, with repetition of the safeguards contained in previous cases," concludes the Litigation Division of the National Court.